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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Connects with UNIFYD Healing and EESystem to Amplify Holistic Wellness Movement

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New York, Jan. 19, 2024 (Glazers Media) — Renowned environmental activist, attorney, and Presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., delves into the realms of holistic wellness during an exclusive interview with Jason Shurka of UNIFYD Healing. The interview, which addresses various intriguing topics, aims to shed light on holistic approaches to wellness and Kennedy's personal endeavors in creating healing centers for children grappling with addiction issues.

The interview, accessible here, is a candid conversation exploring not only Kennedy's views on wellness but also addressing some long-standing questions and theories surrounding the Kennedy family.

Among the topics covered in the interview are:

JFK Jr.'s Alleged Survival: The interview touches upon the persistent theory that John F. Kennedy Jr. may still be alive. This speculation has intrigued many, and Kennedy provides his perspective on this widely circulated belief.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy: A central point of discussion revolves around the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy Jr. addresses the lingering question of who was responsible for his uncle's death, asserting that it was not the act of a lone individual but rather a conspiracy.

Conspiracy Surrounding JFK's Assassination: In a notable quote from the interview, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. emphasizes his belief that John F. Kennedy's assassination was not the result of an isolated act but rather a conspiracy. This perspective adds depth to the ongoing discourse surrounding one of the most significant events in American history.

Holistic Healing for Children: Kennedy expresses his passion for establishing healing centers across the country, specifically for children dealing with addiction issues. This vision aligns with the mission of UNIFYD Healing, an organization dedicated to making holistic wellness more accessible to those in need.

Collaboration with EESystem: The interview explores the potential collaboration between UNIFYD Healing and EESystem, with a focus on leveraging scalar technology at the core of the EESystem to enhance the effectiveness of holistic healing initiatives. The discussion emphasizes the importance of such collaborations in providing support to children facing addiction challenges.

EESystem's Sponsorship: The interview was made possible through the sponsorship of EESystem, which generously donated $100,000 to support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his mission. It is crucial to clarify that this donation is a gesture of support rather than an exchange of services, ensuring transparency and integrity in promoting holistic wellness.

UNIFYD Healing Overview: The press release introduces UNIFYD Healing, shedding light on the organization's commitment to making holistic wellness accessible to individuals across diverse backgrounds. UNIFYD Healing's mission aligns with Kennedy's vision for healing centers and underscores the importance of collaboration in achieving shared goals.

Personal Energetic Support: In a heartfelt gesture, Jason gifted Robert F. Kennedy Jr. an EEQube which is a smaller, less-powerful version of the EESystem symbolizing support and positive energy for his journey. This personal touch reflects the genuine connection and shared commitment to holistic well-being.

This exclusive interview provides a unique insight into the holistic wellness movement, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the forefront of advocating for positive change. The collaboration between UNIFYD Healing, EESystem, and Kennedy exemplifies the power of partnerships in fostering holistic approaches to wellness.

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UNIFYD Healing is a global initiative to promote breakthrough technologies such as the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) and to make them accessible and affordable everywhere. Founded on the principles of unity, compassion, and empowerment, UNIFYD Healing is committed to making holistic wellness accessible to diverse communities and addressing the multifaceted aspects of well-being. Currently, UNIFYD Healing has 380 centers globally with more being added weekly to expand its efforts to bring hope to those who are struggling with a range of conditions. To visit a center and experience the EESystem, visit

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EESystem, a trailblazer in the field of holistic wellness and energy , stands at the forefront of utilizing scalar wave technology to enhance the well-being of individuals by creating an environment for the body to heal itself. Founded on the principles of energy optimization and holistic health, EESystem is dedicated to pioneering advancements that empower individuals to unlock their innate healing potential. This amazing technology has been helping individuals otherwise left hopeless with existing

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