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Unleashing Wealth Effect: HTX’s Dive into AI, BRC20, MEME, New Public Chains, and More Emerging Sectors in the Crypto Space

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As 2023 draws to a close, the cryptocurrency market exhibits a robust upward trend, navigating through the early-year volatility and fueled by the market sentiment regarding the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF by the SEC at year-end. Moreover, over the course of the year, key players in sector rotationsuch as AI, BRC20, MEME, and emerging public chain sectorshave adeptly filled market gaps.

HTX serves as a significant contributor to market liquidity. It has played a crucial role in fostering the wealth effect across the four mainstream sectors in the crypto space. Among the top-performing 58 cryptocurrencies, $PEPE, listed by HTX, has created a legend, achieving an extraordinary nearly 2,000-fold increase. In the new public chain sector, where narratives unfold with each bull-bear cycle, HTX selected SUI and SEI among others, enabling its users to gain remarkable asset growth of 206 times and 178 times respectively.

Riding the New Wave of the Crypto Sphere: Unlocking Wealth Opportunities at Every Turn

Let's begin with the coin PEPE. In general, MEME tokens performed well throughout 2023.

The MEME sector represents a fusion of entertainment and value, often imbued with a robust cultural and community flavor. The best MEME tokens, such as PEPE, don't merely unite popular culture with digital currency, they emerge as a dynamic force reshaping the cryptocurrency market, leading this unique market segment.

In this trend, even some crypto veterans who consider Bitcoin as "digital gold" find themselves reevaluating assets with a "MEME nature". Even ORDI, essentially a MEME token, proves elusive when it comes to defining its specific utility, yet its intrinsic allure endures. Simply put, the imagination space is always the best support for the price of MEME tokens.

In addition, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tokens emerging in the current cryptocurrency market, HTX promptly listed WLD (WorldCoin) on its platform, providing holders with an extraordinary return of 54 times. Furthermore, in the evergreen BRC20 sector, HTX is the first mainstream exchange to get BRC20 tokens listed. ORDI, for example, has delivered impressive performance, achieving a growth of 53 times.

HTX has always kept a close eye on the cutting-edge technology within the industry. The introduction of AI has brought innovative thinking and business models to the cryptocurrency market. In addition to WLD, HTX also listed ChainGPT (CGPT), a representative asset in the AI+Crypto sector, right from the outset. As an AI-powered token launched on the BNB Chain, CGPT is a unique asset that combines AI algorithms and question-answering capabilities with blockchain technology. Despite being issued on the BNB Chain, HTX embraced CGPT warmly, emphasizing its ongoing dedication to discovering high-quality assets. Anyway, the wealth myth recognizes no distinctions between camps.

In 2023, HTX effectively covered the entire spectrum of the industry in terms of asset listings.

Reflecting on HTX's new listings in 2023, one can observe that the platform has been at the forefront, actively seeking and promoting new assets. Consistently, within each hot trend in the crypto sphere, some assets newly listed on HTX showcase robust performance.

By fully exploring the potential of the cryptocurrency market, HTX's new token listings in 2023 offer investors a genuine first-mover advantage. Through a process of rigorous screening and in-depth market research, HTX carefully selects and promotes new tokens with huge growth potential. This initiative not only provides a gateway for investors choosing the platform to comprehend and engage in the emerging digital currency market but also promotes the development and prosperity of the entire crypto economic ecosystem. HTX, with its steadfast commitment and formidable capabilities, proves its crucial position as a major force in the industry.

Embracing Web 3.0 Trends in the Battle for Emerging Sectors within Crypto Space

In the past, the crypto market was mainly seen as a place for creating wealth. However, with the ongoing evolution of blockchain technology, it has increasingly intertwined with diverse industries. The fusion of AI technology and cryptocurrency, for instance, has given rise to novel collaboration models. Additionally, Bitcoin has garnered sustained industry support, not only as an investment but also in rejuvenating traditional assets. The advent of MEME tokens and BRC20 tokens has introduced fresh application scenarios for Bitcoin, consequently augmenting its overall value.

AI-Crypto Fusion: A Leading Bullish Narrative in the Crypto Sphere

The crypto market resembles an unrestricted Nasdaq exchange for AI, where data and computing power symbolize market sentiment and pricing, reflecting the prospective value of AI in this space.

Presently, the convergence trend between AI and cryptocurrency is progressing at an unprecedented pace. According to CoinMarketCap data, the total market capitalization of the global cryptocurrency market has surpassed $2 trillion. Simultaneously, the scale of the global artificial intelligence market is experiencing rapid growth, projected to reach nearly $600 billion by 2025.

In this environment, "AI + Crypto" is not only a conceptual combination but also an innovation at the practical application level. With a keen eye on the AI landscape, HTX has listed AI-related digital assets in 2023, namely, WLD, CGPT, and PAAL.

AI + Data: Taking WLD as an example, its most significant innovation lies in the integration of ZKML (Zero Knowledge Proof Machine Learning) and Proof of Personhood. This creates a genuinely privacy-protected, global, blockchain-based data platform for mankind, fostering the collective sharing of AI's immense productivity.

AI + Algorithm: Taking CGPT as an example, it seamlessly incorporates AI algorithms and question-answering capabilities into the blockchain.

AI + Computing Power: Taking PAAL as an example, it delves into the core of machine learning (ML) technology, emphasizing an understanding of human needs that goes beyond mere competition between models and computing power.

HTX's newly listed assets have covered the more refined segments of the AI sector, revealing HTX's deep understanding of the evolving trends in AI technology. Looking ahead, as AI becomes a symbol of advanced productivity permeating every facet of human society, the narrative of AI-Crypto fusion is expected to unfold more surprises within the crypto space.

BRC-20 Tokens Unleashing the "Inscription Summer" and Sparking a New Era of Boom for Bitcoin

BRC20 is approximately equivalent to the ERC20 standard on Ethereum. The introduction of BRC20, ORC, and DRC unlocks many new possibilities for Bitcoin and its forks. Bitcoin can now perform additional functions beyond its traditional transfer and block confirmation.

Despite market volatility, Bitcoin's value and scope of application have continued to expand in the long term after the "Inscription Summer". Among them, the most striking is the miners' great victory. Since its introduction to the Bitcoin network in February 2023, the Bitcoin inscription function has consumed a considerable amount of block space.

The inscription function allows for more transactions to be included in a block. The size and number of transactions in the Bitcoin mempool have significantly increased since the inscription function was introduced.

The function of inscriptions in the Bitcoin network can be likened to packing materials in a box. Typically, they don't replace high-value crypto transfers but instead utilize any available block space not occupied by crypto transactions.

The hashrate of the Bitcoin network, a measure of computing power, has surged by 50% since the introduction of the inscription function in February 2023. The upcoming Bitcoin halving cycle is anticipated to take place in 2024. During the halving, the reward for mining a new block will be halved, diminishing expected returns for miners. In response, miners might find a stronger incentive to expand the number of tokens within the BRC20 ecosystem.

ORDI, the first BRC-20 token created on the Bitcoin blockchain, has already been listed on HTX. Following a brief retracement, ORDI is gaining popularity, firmly establishing itself as the leading BRC20 token. Concurrently, HTX has listed SATS and RATS, providing users seeking potential BRC20 tokens with a more secure alternative off-chain.

Overall, the introduction of the inscription function in the Bitcoin blockchain has undeniably had a profound impact on transaction patterns, miner economics, and network status. With the ongoing evolution of the Bitcoin network and the expanding use of the inscription function, these changes are expected to endure, giving rise to new trends.

MEME Coins Capture Retail Investors' Interest, While New Public Chains Unveil Significant Growth Potential

HTX has dedicated continuous efforts to both the MEME sector and the new public chains. As a steadfast supporter of the MEME sector, HTX listed many popular MEME tokens in 2023, including VOLT, PEPE, AIGOGE, MONG, WSM, and MEME. Notably, PEPE saw a remarkable surge, boasting an astounding 1999-fold increase.

MEME is a unique breed in the crypto world, a financial product based on emotions. If options are derivatives of spot, then the MEMEs of each stage are the inscriptions of the current history, representing the unique memories of an era. They continue to evolve as cultural cycles replicate, reproduce, and propagate. The existence of MEME coins is more like a cultural expression, a recognition by retail investors of the culture of a specific community.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the most famous MEME tokens. It was launched in 2013 with the Shiba Inu as its mascot and quickly became a cultural icon of the cryptocurrency world. This year, PepeCoin is undoubtedly the successor to the MEME legend. It uses Pepe the Frog as its image and has attracted a group of passionate followers of the Sad Pepe.

HTX's data reveals its huge support for the MEME sector in 2023, largely aligning with its "user-first" strategy. Meanwhile, HTX's focus on the public chain sector is also evident with the listing of assets such as FLR, ARB, SUI, SEI, TON, and CBK. Additionally, the listing of BONK on Solana underscores its broad vision in the public chain domain.

Old public chains, L2, and new public chains still hold potential value. In addition to Ethereum, public chains such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, NEAR, and Avalanche have demonstrated their diversity with their unique technological innovations. The emergence of Ethereum's Layer-2 solutions, particularly the rise of Arbitrum Rollup and Optimistic Rollup, has garnered significant market attention for new public chains like Aptos and Sui, even in their early stages of inception.

From a long-term perspective, the exploration and advancement of new public chain technologies are crucial, as they have the potential to bring innovation to the entire blockchain ecosystem in specific scenarios. HTX encourages innovation and has always been at the forefront of the industry in searching for innovative projects. It's noteworthy that HTX has also listed WSTUSDT, a token in the RWA sector. Looking ahead, we anticipate that HTX will make more tokens in the RWA sector available for purchase in the future.

Exploring New Crypto Sectors: HTX Brings Wealth Growth Opportunities for Users

HTX's core competency lies in the discovery and listing of new assets. The four major sectors discussed in this article serve as mere examples. At present, HTX has introduced 58 potential coins and high-quality assets spanning different sectors in 2023.

HTX's impressive performance in listing new assets in 2023 has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to advancing the development of the crypto industry.

The market is gradually recovering, with a bull run on the horizon. HTX is not resting on its laurels. Instead, it continues to track the pulse of the market and explore opportunities by dedicating itself to the exploration of new sectors and tokens. By improving market awareness and deepening industrial layout, HTX aims to provide users with a more diverse range of asset choices and investment opportunities.

In the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry, an exchange earns market favor only by adeptly spotting market shifts and meeting user needs. HTX has excelled in this regard, discovering new assets and boldly getting them listed on its platform. In doing so, HTX constantly creates wealth growth opportunities for its users.

In the vast and boundless world of cryptocurrency, exploring and listing new assets has always been the primary focus of HTX's endeavors.

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